Where apples run the show

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There are few fruits in the world as versatile as an apple. Sweet, sour, red, green, orange, and anything in between. Apple juice and apple pie, vinegar and cider: we can go on and on about ’em.

So, Pommepomme. What’s all the fuzz about? Well, Pommepomme is an initiative by Robert Sassen and Job Oosting (Koffieschenkerij). It’s a coffee place where everything revolves around, you’ve guessed it: apples.

Pommepomme was born out of an unceasing curiosity to discover the best in terms of food and drinks. Both Robert and Job have been looking for a dream formula for several years.  Pommepomme was a concept that had been on the shelf for some time and has now finally become reality.

We welcome you to learn more about us and our apples at Pommepomme. See you in Amsterdam!

Pommepomme Koffie Amsterdam
Apple Pie in Amsterdam - PommePomme

Robert & Job

Robert and Job know each other from their time studying at the Hotel Management School in Leeuwarden. They have been good friends ever since.

After his studies, Robert mainly worked in the hotel industry as a brand and franchise manager. In these last years, he has been mainly active in the event industry. He’s done a lot of work for Bacardi and festivals such as Lowlands, Rockwerchter, etc. But hey: there was one thing Robert still really wanted to do, which was to start a business. Hence Pommepomme. Robert has a son together with Marieke, who listens to the name Vince.

After his studies, Job quickly reentered the hospitality industry. From 2009 to 2013 he worked as a manager at Huize Frankendael/Restaurant Merkelbach in Amsterdam. In 2013, he and his wife Anne started De Koffieschenkerij, a beautiful coffee bar in the Oude Kerk, the oldest building in Amsterdam. Job and Anne have three children named Puck, Wiep and Ollie.

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Where apples run the show


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